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Dr. Michael Burnett Specializes in Problems of the Ear, Nose, Sinuses and Throat.

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An ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) is a physician trained in the medical and surgical treatment of the ears, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. They have special expertise in managing diseases of the ears, nose and nasal passage sinuses, larynx (voice box), oral cavity and upper pharynx (mouth and throat), as well as structures of the neck and face. ENT is the oldest medical specialty in the United States.



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Category Archives: Snoring

Extreme Snoring: Can an ENT Doctor Help?

Do you experience extreme snoring while sleeping? Well, this is a common condition, and many people in the United States suffer from it. You may develop very loud snoring for numerous reasons, including being overweight. If you are snoring once in a while, then you do not have to worry about this condition. But, as you grow older, this condition will get worse and become bothersome to your partner. Since extreme snoring is a noisy condition, it will disrupt your partner’s sleep cycle as well as yours.

Extreme Snoring ENT Doctor NYC

Snoring is not a health condition, but it is a symptom of any underlying condition such as obstructive sleep apnea. You can consult with an ENT doctor to identify the actual cause of this problem. If you live in NYC, you can visit Ear, Nose, and Throat of New York. Upon your visit, Dr. Michael C. Burnett will diagnose and identify the cause for extreme snoring. Sometimes, extreme snoring can result in disrupted breathing. If you want to get a good night’s sleep and help your loved ones feel comfortable, you need to visit a professional ENT doctor.

Symptoms of Extreme Snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common condition associated with snoring. This sleep disorder also has other symptoms. When you visit the doctor complaining about extreme snoring, the first condition the doctor will diagnose you for is obstructive sleep apnea. They will look for the following symptoms:

  • Chest pain while lying on the bed
  • Restless sleep
  • Morning headaches
  • Difficulty concentration
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Choking or gasping at night
  • High blood pressure
  • Breathing pauses while sleeping
  • Sore throat

In children, you will also notice a change in their performance, behavior, and attention span. You don’t need to be experiencing extreme snoring due to obstructive sleep apnea. There are other conditions as well that can cause snoring. If you wake up due to breathlessness and a loud snort, then you are likely suffering from snoring.

Can ENT Doctor Help with Extreme Snoring?

When you visit an ENT specialist, they will diagnose your condition and recommend the best procedure for treatment. They will start the treatment process with breathing exercises to restore your breathing while suggesting different techniques for proper breathing. In this treatment process, the doctor will not use any special devices. Many people feel relieved after breath restoration techniques.

If the treatment doesn’t work, the doctor will run imaging tests and diagnose your airways. They will inspect your nasal passage and sinuses and check for an obstruction that is blocking airflow. If they notice adenoids or tonsils, they will ensure if they are disrupting your breathing while sleeping. An ENT specialist will also examine your soft palate and uvula for obstruction.

Sometimes change in internal structure can also cause difficulty breathing. For that, an ENT doctor will realign the irregular structure and restore your breathing. If that’s the underlying cause for extreme snoring, treatment will result in stress-free breathing during the night as well as day.

Surgical Treatments by ENT Doctor

Sometimes, the blockage can be critical. Maybe the septum between your nostrils slips from its place. The septum is the piece of cartilage and bone between your nostrils. You may develop deviated septum due to surgery or abnormal growth. In this case, the ENT doctor will perform a septoplasty. In this treatment procedure, an ENT surgeon will reposition the septum, making it straight again. As a result, your breathing condition and disrupted sleep cycle will restore.

Enlarged turbinates can also cause extreme snoring and breathing disruption. Turbinates are three sets of tissues in your nose. The function of these soft tissues is to help maintain airflow and keep the air humid and warm. An ENT surgeon will use radiofrequency energy and reduce the size of turbinates.

ENT for Extreme Snoring NY

Polyps’ development can also cause breathing problems at night. The doctor will perform functional endoscopic sinus surgery to remove this grape-like structure. After the surgery, you will feel relaxed and relieved while breathing. A professional and highly qualified ENT surgeon can also perform balloon sinuplasty and sinuplasty to treat extreme snoring. If they notice that the development of adenoids and tonsils is causing breathing problems, they will remove these abnormal growths.

Extreme Snoring: Conclusion

You can use dental appliances to control extreme snoring. However, these devices won’t treat your condition but prevent snoring. Keep in mind that the condition will still increase in severity. Therefore, the best way to deal with this condition is to visit an ENT specialist and seek their assistance. The ENT specialist will identify the actual reason for obstruction and recommend proper treatment.

If you want to consult with an experienced ENT doctor in NYC, give us a call and reduce your extreme snoring.

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Snoring: How to Help You and Your Partner Sleep Better

Snoring is much more common than people may think, and if you’re a snorer, you’re definitely not alone. It has been estimated that about 45% of all adults snore at least occasionally. But if your partner happens to belong to the other 55%, you might have to consider fixing the problem. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to diminish your snoring.

Switch Positions

In some cases, doing something as simple as switching position can make a world of difference when it comes to snoring. Just elevating your head four inches can be enough to stop snoring episodes. Elevating your head will move your tongue forward preventing it from collapsing in the back of your throat while sleeping, leading to less obstruction and snoring.

Consider Sleeping on Your Sides

If you sleep on your back, the chances of you snoring will be greater because of your tongue’s position. To alleviate this, you should consider sleeping on your side. If you can’t seem to stay in that position during the night, and always subconsciously return to a back sleeping position, try this trick. Try sewing a sock to the back of your pajamas and put a tennis ball in it. Every time you turn to a back sleeping position, the discomfort will push you to go back to a side position. After a certain period of time, this will become your natural position and you’ll be able to ditch the tennis ball.

Try an Anti Snoring Device

Many devices are being sold that can help if you’re an occasional or chronic snorer. Most of these devices look like mouth guards commonly used by athletes. They work by modifying your jaw position to clear up your throat passages to facilitate air flow by pushing your tongue forward. While you can have one made by a dentist, you can also create your own DIY device. However, it’s always better to go with a professional alternative.

Clear Your Nasal Pathways

In some cases, all it takes is clearing up your sinuses before going to bed. Stuffy noses can be cleared with nothing but saline water and a Neti pot. Try to stay away from nasal decongestants as they can be habit forming. And, if you’re going to use a Neti pot with saline, make sure that you use distilled or reverse osmosis water.

While snoring can be fixed with a few adjustments, in some cases, extreme snoring can be caused by other underlying issues. In some cases, you’ll have no choice but to consult with an ENT doctor. If you’re a chronic snorer and can’t find a solution, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best ENT doctor in NYC.

Contact us at 212-867-4813 to schedule a consultation.

Sleep Apnea Help from an ENT Doctor

Your partner says you snore so much so and so often that he or she is having a hard time sleeping well. You wake up tired and unable to get through the day without a nap. Even though you are getting eight hours of sleep a night, it doesn’t seem to be enough. You may have sleep apnea. If you believe you have this condition or you think your loved one does, it pays to contact our ENT doctor for sleep apnea help. You may be able to improve your quality of life significantly by making this appointment.

Snoring? What Causes It?

The cause of snoring can differ slightly from one person to the next. However, it always comes back to some level of obstruction in the airway that limits the easy flow of air through the passages at the back of the mouth and the nose. The tongue and the upper portion of the throat come together at this location and meet at the soft palate and uvula. This portion of the airway is collapsible, which means that when airway flow is cut off, there is vibration of these structures, which is what causes the snoring noise your loved ones hear.

What Is The Cause of Snoring?

Your ENT doctor will talk to you about the symptoms you have. In most cases, the process of determining if you have sleep apnea, which is defined as any type of obstruction in the airway during sleep, and then determine the best treatment for you. This may be brought on because of:

  • Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue
  • Excessive bulkiness in the airway, especially in the throat
  • An abnormally structured long soft palate and uvula
  • Obstructed nasal passageways

Why should you consider getting help for snoring? Though many people don’t realize it, there is a direct connection with sleep apnea and heart health. And, snoring can lead to the increased risk of a blood clot traveling to the brain. There is a health risk associated with severe sleep apnea. That’s because your airway is closed off for a short period of time while you sleep, just long enough for your brain to wake up enough to adjust. That’s what’s impacting your sleep quality.

There is help. Call our Manhattan, New York ENT at 212-867-4813 to schedule a consultation to discuss your sleep apnea symptoms.


Treatment for Snoring

At Michael Burnett,MD’s office, a top ear, nose, and throat specialist in New York, we can help you successfully treat snoring. Snoring is a harsh sound that occurs while sleeping, and it results from the partial obstruction of your breathing while you sleep. When you breath, air flows past tissues in your throat that are relaxed during sleep, and they vibrate, which causes a loud and annoying sound.

If snoring troubles you, you aren’t alone. As many as half of all Americans suffer from disturbed sleep as a result of snoring, or because their partner is snoring. You may have unsuccessfully tried several remedies. If you are experiencing this annoying problem, you can find relief. Snoring can sometimes result from a serious medical problem, but in many cases, simple lifestyle changes can help you improve your sleep by resolving your problem with snoring. Weight-loss, avoidance of alcohol before bedtime, and even sleeping on your side, can all help you reduce or stop snoring.

Professional Care for Snoring

If you’ve tried these simple measures without success, it may be time for you to seek professional medical care. There are a variety of medical devices and surgeries that can help you reduce snoring. You should seek an opinion from an experienced medical professional. At Ear Nose Throat of New York, Dr. Michael Burnett, MD has had years of experience successfully treating patients who are troubled by snoring. One of New York City’s top ear, nose, and throat specialist, Dr. Burnett can advise you about the cause of your snoring problem and how to best approach successful treatment.

People with snoring problems sometimes have excessive daytime sleepiness and difficulty concentrating during the day. If you snore habitually, you may be at increased risk of a motor vehicle accident. Some people who snore and have disturbed sleep may have increased irritability, resulting in personal problems that can seem overwhelming when you’re not sleeping well. Sleep disturbance can result in high blood pressure and other medical problems. You may experience a sore throat upon awakening. Snoring can result in chest pain at night from inadequate respirations.

If your snoring is causing you to choke or gasp while sleeping, you may have a serious condition, like obstructive sleep apnea. Chronic nasal congestion or a deviated nasal septum may be causing your snoring problem. Some patients simply have extra tissue or a thick palate that obstructs the airway at night. At Ear Nose Throat of New York, Dr. Michael Burnett can diagnose your snoring problem and can offer you solutions. Snoring may be common, but it can result in serious life problems. Don’t hesitate to seek help at Ear Nose Throat of New York today. Our staff is standing by to help you arrange your initial consultation.

Dr. Michael Burnett will thoroughly evaluate your problem and together, we can find a solution. Call us at
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