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Dr. Michael Burnett Specializes in Problems of the Ear, Nose, Sinuses and Throat.

An ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) is a physician trained in the medical and surgical treatment of the ears, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. They have special expertise in managing diseases of the ears, nose and nasal passage sinuses, larynx (voice box), oral cavity and upper pharynx (mouth and throat), as well as structures of the neck and face. ENT is the oldest medical specialty in the United States.



ENT Doctor for Throat Pain

Do you need an ENT Doctor throat pain?Sore throats are one of the most common complaints during cold and flu season. Throat pain is a symptom of a variety of conditions, ranging from the common cold to complex issues requiring surgery. Regardless of the condition, a sore throat is no fun. In this article, we’ll several go over different types of pain, as well as some treatment options that can help.

Types of Throat Pain

The most common type of throat pain is the result of a cold. In fact, a sore throat is often the first symptom that a person will experience when they are coming down with a cold. A sore throat usually gets better as the cold progresses, but some people can have their sore throat for the entire duration of their cold.

Strep throat (streptococcal infection) is another common cause of throat pain. This condition is caused by streptococcal bacteria and will require antibiotics to treat. Strep throat pain is typically more severe than throat pain caused by a cold or other respiratory infection. It can be quickly diagnosed by a strep test performed by your doctor.

Other conditions, such as sinus infections, allergies, or even tonsillitis can cause throat pain. A doctor will be able to look at your throat, test for these conditions, and treat your throat pain.

Remedies and Treatments

There are plenty of medications and home remedies to try if you’re suffering from throat pain. Gargling warm salt water is a simple and virtually free way to relieve the pain. You might also try drinking tea with honey or using steam (either from a warm shower or a humidifier) to open your nasal passages and calm swelling.

Try over-the-counter medications as well. Throat lozenges and sprays will give you instant pain relief. Cold medications and pain relievers can also help reduce swelling and tame other symptoms you might be experiencing, like nasal congestion and fever. You can also an over-the-counter treatment with a home remedy for added relief, just be sure to ask a professional before combining multiple medications.

When to See a Doctor

If you are still dealing with throat pain after trying these remedies, you may need an antibiotic or other prescription treatment. A doctor will be able to prescribe you with the medications you need and will also monitor your symptoms. If you’re dealing with a sore throat and you don’t see improvement in your symptoms within a week, go and see a professional.

You should also see a doctor if you are dealing with recurring throat pain. Your doctor can determine if your sore throat is being caused by a virus, bacterial infection, or other serious condition that might require something like surgery. Regardless of the cause, a doctor will be able to give you a sore throat solution.

You don’t have to suffer from throat pain. If you’d like to find a treatment that works, contact Dr. Michael Burnett at 212-867-4813 to schedule an ENT appointment today.

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