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Dr. Michael Burnett Specializes in Problems of the Ear, Nose, Sinuses and Throat.

As of June 1st, We have reopened our office and are now taking in office consultations.

An ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) is a physician trained in the medical and surgical treatment of the ears, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. They have special expertise in managing diseases of the ears, nose and nasal passage sinuses, larynx (voice box), oral cavity and upper pharynx (mouth and throat), as well as structures of the neck and face. ENT is the oldest medical specialty in the United States.



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If you are suffering from dizziness, you should see a top ENT doctor in New York City, Dr. Michael Burnett, to determine the cause of your unsteady feeling. Dizziness is a common, but uncomfortable, problem, and can result from many different causes. People can become dizzy as a result of problems with poor circulation, infection, allergies, injuries, neurological diseases, and vertigo. When you are experiencing dizziness that interferes with your health and your activities over an extended period of time, you should visit an experienced ENT doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms.

When to See An ENT Doctor for Dizziness

If you have had dizziness that is accompanied by high fever, seizures, continuous vomiting, chest pain, palpitations, a severe headache, shortness of breath, of paralysis of an arm or leg, sometimes accompanied by vision changes or speech difficulties, you should see a doctor to determine if you have a serious medical condition. If you experience hearing loss and dizziness, you should consult an experienced ENT doctor, like Dr. Michael Burnett, one of New York’s leading ENT doctors.

What is Dizziness?

Dizziness can be a feeling of unsteadiness or lightheadedness, or may appear to be an unpleasant sensation that is associated with motion sickness. Vertigo is one type of dizziness that causes people to feel that the room is moving around them. Dizziness, motion sickness, and vertigo are all associated with your balance and with your equilibrium.

Dizziness and the Nervous System

Dizziness can be the result of a problem in one of several parts of your nervous system, which involves many parts of the body to help you determine where you are in space, and to help you maintain equilibrium. These parts include the brain, spinal cord, and nerve receptors in the joints, muscles, and spine. Your eyes also provide input on your balance and send it to the brain. The inner ear has delicate canals called labyrinths, which can help you determine the direction of motion of your head. When these signals are not working together, you may become dizzy. Many different disease processes and medical conditions can interfere with signals from the various parts of your body that help you maintain equilibrium. Some of these illnesses are fairly inconsequential, like routine viral infections that resolve within a few days.

Seek Help From Your Doctor

If you have had a head injury and are dizzy, call 911 or visit the hospital emergency room. People who have a high fever, stiff neck, or a severe headache, could have a central nervous system infection, and should seek a professional evaluation by a physician. If you are having seizures with dizziness, or if you are having dizziness with persistent vomiting, you should call an experienced ENT doctor, like Dr. Michael C Burnett, the top New York ENT doctor.

Call Dr. Michael Burnett for an appointment today if you are experiencing dizziness with hearing loss or if you believe that your dizziness is the result of a medication. You should also call for an evaluation if this is your first episode of dizziness, if you have lost consciousness for more than a few moments, or if you are having a change in your symptoms.

Call Dr. Michael Burnett, a top New York ENT doctor, today, at 212-867-4813, to schedule your appointment.


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